2013 Conference Sessions

  8:00a -   9:00     Registration/Continental Breakfast
  9:00a -   9:30     General Session ~ Welcome
  9:45a - 11:00     Breakout Session #1
11:15a - 12:30     Breakout Session #2 
12:30p -   1:30     LUNCH (catered)
  1:30p -   2:30     Breakout Session #3
  2:45p -   3:45     Breakout Session #4
  3:45p -   4:00     Closing
Morning Sessions-

9:45a - 11:00a Breakout Session 1

 Room Session Title   Presenter
Sandstone 8/9 Google Drive-ing (Intermediate/Advanced) Hop into the Drive-r’s seat!  Now that you and your students are using Google Drive/Docs, what’s the best way to navigate these open roads of files?  How should you share files to students?  How should students turn in files to the teacher?  How is it best to manage files on a large scale for your school/district?  And what about all those ‘3rd Party Apps’ you keep hearing about that now work with Drive? Come to this session where we’ll explore answers to all of these questions.  Resources, Handouts and Videos will be shared that you can take back to use or inspire in your district.    Chad's Resource Page

Tundra A/B Chrome in the Classroom- Basics (Beginner) I didn't know my web browser could do that! Let's look at how we can beef up Google Chrome to make you more productive and efficient. There are apps and extensions out there for instructional uses and will help differentiate instruction for students. I'll go through a list of my personal favorite extensions and apps and show you how to go get a few more! Stacy's Resource Site  Stacy Behmer
Tundra C/D

GAFE Technical Deployment (Techy) Are you looking to move your school to Google Apps but aren’t sure how to approach the technical details?  Learn about different deployment strategies and the things to watch for as you move through the process of transitioning to Google Apps for Education.  Topics that will be covered include getting signed up for GAFE, organizational structure, single domain versus multiple domains, user creation, dual delivery email configurations, and data migration methods. Mitch's Resource Site Mitch Dowhower

Tundra E/F Forms Frenzy (Beginner/Intermediate) Understanding and utilizing the power and efficiency of Google Forms can go a long way. Come to this workshop to learn how to make a form/survey and automate some tasks around your classroom and school. Whether your collecting email addresses and phone numbers of your parents, or creating self correcting automated class quiz, this session will give you the chance to see many options you have with Google Forms/spreadsheets
hands-on Please bring... Chromebook or laptop to this session in order to get full benefit of the hands-on experience. iPads are cool but editing and creating Google Forms is clunky at best. 
Brian Scheibach

*** ALL SESSIONS are subject to change at any time and for any reason.

11:15a - 12:30p Breakout Session 2

 Room Session Title   Presenter
Sandstone 8/9 Let's "Hangout" (Beginner) Heard about Google Hangouts but not sure what a "Hangout” is?  Come learn how to connect with others personally and professionally.  How can you use Hangouts to connect with your Professional Learning Network or just to have a virtual online meeting space?  Learn how you can create a ‘show’ of your own that streams live to YouTube. Chad will share tips with setting yourself up to "Hangout" along with some of his uses for Hangout.
Chad's Resource Page

Tundra A/B Even More (Intermediate/Advanced) Let's take a look at some of the other ingredients that Google provides and how those can be used in the K-12 setting. This session will showcase some of the tools that you can put on your plate! We will look at Voice, Alerts, Scholar, Custom Search, Maps, Reader, Picasa, Search, YouTube and Translate! We will explore these tools and others and see how they are being used by educators to spice up teaching and learning!  Be ready for a fast paced session with demos of these tools in action! Stacy's Resource Site  Stacy Behmer
Tundra C/D

Chromebooks: A "Class" Act Come and learn about the new Samsung $249 Chromebook, as well as the new Acer and Lenovo Chromebooks that are available.  We will also detail how teachers are using Chromebooks in the classroom; from classroom management, student engagement, and evolving a paperless work environment.
Mike Jaber and Dan Sitter

Tundra E/F Google in the Classroom (Beginner) Join two teachers who use Google Apps to COORDINATE, COLLABORATE, and ORGANIZE nearly all aspects of their classroom. How can you use Google Drive to collaborate for interdisciplinary projects? How do teachers use Google Spreadsheet to coordinate room use, student needs, and Response to Intervention time periods? How can Google Drive help you organize your classroom? Together, these two teacher will share what they've learned, the challenges they've faced, and success they've had implementing Google Drive throughout their teaching worlds! Presentation ~ Resources
Tamela McCartney and Terrell Bonnell

*** ALL SESSIONS are subject to change at any time and for any reason.

12:30p - 1:30p LUNCH - Catered

1:30p - 2:30p Breakout Session 3
 Room Session Title   Presenter
Sandstone 8/9 Grand Central Station- Gmail/ Calendar (Beginner) Go through the basics that every person should know about setting up and harnessing the power of Google’s Gmail & Calendar.  From creating an email, managing contacts and inbox organization to to sharing information with students and families, get to know Google's main events.  If you are new to Google or just have never been shown all the power and resourceful ways to make your digital life more efficient then this session is for you.  Presentation  ~  Handout
Hands-on Please bring ...  a Chrombook or laptop and have a Google account
Tamara Kreklow and Jessica Gross

Tundra A/B Google on the iPad, it's getting better all the time! (Beginner) There are a lot of cool things you can do on the iPad with Google Apps and some are good, some are great and some are just still kinda ugly! This session will explore what apps work best, what some limitations are for some apps and some workarounds. We will look at the core GAFE apps: mail, calendar, drive and the Chrome browser. Stacy's Resource Site
 Please bring ...  iPad with iOS 6 or higher installed
 Stacy Behmer
Tundra C/D

GAM Tool for Management (Techy) Take Google Apps management to the next level. Learn how using the Google Apps Manager tool can make your life easier. Topics include an overview, setup, and scripted bulk actions using powershell.
Mitch's Resource Site
Mitch Dowhower

Tundra E/F YouTube: From Consumer to Creator (Beginner/Intermediate) YouTube isn't just for watching funny videos anymore! Come to this session to learn about ways to use YouTube in your school!  Take part in creating your own YouTube channel and uploading your own videos to take your experience to a whole new level!  Other topics included will be: creating playlists, the Flipped Classroom concept, YouTube EDU, and YouTube editing tools.  Presentation Resources
  Please bring ...  Chromebook or laptop and have a YouTube account
Jennifer Zurawski

*** ALL SESSIONS are subject to change at any time and for any reason.

2:45p - 3:45p Breakout Session 4
 Room Session Title   Presenter
Sandstone 8/9 Chrome... Will You Marry Me? (Beginner) Love for our internet browsers isn't weird, is it?  Chrome as a productivity tool offers so many great features and tricks that it's impossible to relate to others why we get so fired up about all things we can do.  During this session, we will explore apps, extensions, tips and tricks that will help you to turn Chrome into an awesome productivity tool for yourself personally and professionally.  Already using Chrome? Share a tip with others to make Chrome work for all!   Chad's Resource Page
 Please bring ...  Chromebook or laptop. iPads have limited functionality with Chrome.

Tundra A/B Let's Get Started with Google Sites (Beginner/Intermediate) Thinking of creating a website? Google offers FREE website creation and hosting! No knowledge of HTML or other coding required. Create a beautiful website in a manner of minutes that you can use for your classroom to communicate with students and parents, deliver tests and quizzes, and much more! Presentation ~ Worksheet
 Please bring ...  Chromebook or laptop and a Google Account.
 Jessica Gross
Tundra C/D

Going 1:1 with Chromebooks Come and listen to Mike and Dan talk about Fond du Lac's 1:1 Chromebook Initiative where over 2,100 devices have been allocated at the high school.  They will share strategies for rolling out a 1:1, as well as sharing resources if you're thinking of moving towards a 1:1 environment.
Mike Jaber and Dan Sitter

Tundra E/F Picasa (Beginner) Photography is all the rage right now! Come to this session and learn how to use the Picasa program to organize and manage your photos! Participants will also learn how to use PicasaWeb as a photo hosting site, embed a slideshow into Google Sites, update your albums by email, and much more! Presentation Resources  Please bring ...  Laptop. iPads have limited functionality with Picasa.
Jennifer Zurawski

*** ALL SESSIONS are subject to change at any time and for any reason.